Our Old House

Here are all the posts about the house so that they are all in one place for you to find- i will update it as i go

History about the house-

A little bit of history

Basement being built-


Git ‘er done

Spending money!

Go house Go!!

You might be getting bored…

Bringing on the baby!

Building the inside of the basement-

Basement and plumbing and such



This old house…

The fun stuff begins!!

Moving along


The house coming-

My house, my house.  My house, my house, my house!!

Building the porch-

Yeah porch!

porch update

Main floor addition!

we’ve been busy!

Building the main floor addition-

Main floor addition!

when building a house…

Main floor bathroom-

the main floor bathroom

Trenching to the house-


Building the kitchen-


the kitchen and dining

more kitchen

I’m so excited!!

Working on the exterior-

New roof!

new roof and new siding!

House tour-

its messy!

peace out-



One response to “Our Old House”

  1. Barb says :

    Thanks, Delee for sharing the house progress with us. I reaaly enjoy it. Although I never lived in the house , it is part of my history. Last week, we mailed you a copy of Grandma Cora’s, ” Mostly True”. It doesn’t have much actual history of the house but it does share memoires of a happy family who lived with in the walls.

    Love Aunt Barb and Uncle Dwaine

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