Master Bedroom

Welcome to my bedroom!!

Well here it is…  Right now this is not my favorite space- i think because it is the least finished room in the house- in my mind.


It has super potiental and i know that when i am done it will be fabulous…


But for now it is beening used for a bit of storage- over at the end i want to have either a office or a lounging area with like a lounge sofa thingy or something!!  ya know!!  I think i want the 2nd one more- but we will see.  I super love the space though.




I can’t wait to decorate it though- i have been looking at vinyls and canvas prints and etc…  i have been looking at everything!!  I have alot of wall space in this room.



I am happy with the closet- it is rubbermaid.  I have doors too but i have not decided to paint or stain them- or stain-paint them.  So they will wait- and i will keep my closet clean!!



Can’t wait to show you when it is done- in like 2 years!!  haha…


2 responses to “Master Bedroom”

  1. Tamara says :

    Looks like you have some great items to work with. I like the bed, chairs, bed covering and the carpet! It’s ok. Take your time. Some things are worth waiting for, when you want to get it just right!

    • ddnoble says :

      oh ya thanks!- i really do love every thing i have… i just don’t know what to do over in that big corner- and i am out of furniture, so i would have to buy something… i kinda wanna have a programable coffee spot over there too. dreaming is so much fun… i can change it so often to suit every mood im in!!!!

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