Master Bath

Welcome to our Master Bath!!!

You can go here to see the begining building of the bathroom!

These are the new updated pictures as of Apr. 14/13. The orginal pictures are at the bottom of the page.

Since the orginal pictures we have got all the trim up and painted.  The fan and another light fixture have been installed.  I got a carpet, and we put up the curtains!!  The trim was i think the best improvement of all.  I am feeling pretty much done in this space now.  But i got a wonderful idea from a super creative lady!! (Tami Foss!) to hang a picture up in B&W of the boys in the tub!  So totally doing that and calling it done!

master bath master bath

master bath

master bath

master bath

master bath

Here are all the orginal pictures as of Jan. 1/13.

master bath

master bathThis is our infloor heat! (below)

heated floor

master bath

master bath

master bath

master bath


7 responses to “Master Bath”

  1. Jenna says :

    WHAT!! You guys are moved in already???? This is one ridiculously AWESOME bathroom! Good job!

    • ddnoble says :

      Haha!! Ya we were able to get in a week before Christmas thanks to Joel!! And thanks about the bathroom!!!! I am so excited! It still feels like we are living in a hotel!! 🙂

  2. Amanda says :

    You wouldn’t ever want to live in a hotel hun, NOT if you have this princess house to live in!!! AWESOME job!!! I was just browsing your page and was going to request pictures of the house, and then seen the heading for pictures! Keep us posted! I love them and it turned out more incredible than I could EVER dream of!!!!

  3. Tamara says :

    It is looking so nice! Love the view out of your windows 🙂 What is the color/number of your paint? I have a friend who is looking for something in those tones.

    • ddnoble says :

      ummmmm….. it is from rona about the only room that dosent have BM. I loved it at first sight!! It is called Paris Bistro- the number is splooshed over!

  4. Britta says :

    When we visit next, I want to have a soak in your tub AND a shower in your awesome shower!!

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