Living Room

Welcome to our Living Room!!

This room is in the center of our house.  You can come in directly from the front porch.

(the door is not finished yet- this summer now when i can take it off)

front door

The living room has 4 doorways.  I dont think i will be rearanging the furniture too much!

living room

In the pic below you can see my brooms in the laundry/pantry.  And you can see our bedroom- if you turn left when you go in the doorway  it is the master bath.  Joel put a pocket door touching the living room so that we can shut it and it turns into a master suit.  But during the day it is the main floor bath.  I think it will work good.

living room

I got this chair at a garage sale.  And i love it!!

living room

living room

The floors are so awesome.  (To toot my own horn.)  These floors have all the nail heads showing and all the old drag marks of days gone by…

living room

living room

The trim and finishing in this house is amazing- i fall in love every time i stop to look.  Can you see all the detail in the hall- (below) – the trim wraps around the corner.  I just love it.


living room


peace out




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