Laundry/Pantry/Office Room

Welcome to the hardest working, and messiest room in the house!!

This might be the most historically important room in the house- this is the room where Grandma Viv and her older sister (Doris) were born!!

The wall that the laundry is on used to have a window and it was a really nice bright room.  I really hated to give up the window but we had to have the addition there.


When i was planning this room- it was much bigger in my head…So now i am having a bit of a problem figuring out how to have the desk.  I think i would like a really long skinny desk that went parallel with the washer/dryer.   The cabinet in the middle of the laundry is a matching one to the kitchen, it has knobs to match too.  Someday in the future i would like matching uppers all the way across this wall- then i would have lots of closed storage for all my junk!!



Dallas refinished this little desk from Grandpa and Grandma Dunn’s (gma Vivy) house.  It was one of the first things she did.  It is teeny, tiny and i have not found a teeny, tiny stool or chair yet.  I think it would make a good make-up desk.


There is the picture of the orginal house, and the Montjoy’s.  My Great-Grandparents Everett and Cora, the orginals to the house!!

And all my home made cleaning supplies that i got from Melissa (Joel’s sis)!!  They are so so super!!


You can see below that the floor is darker along the edges- i think they used to have like linolium just in the center of rooms and then they would continue to stain and finish the edges.  Crazy eh.  But with the tools we rented that dark stain would not come off.  So there it stays.



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