Boy’s Rooms

Welcome to the Boy’s Rooms!! 

This is Kai and Cash’s room!!

I am excited for the boys to have this new bigger room!!  Before in the trailer Cash’s bed was under Kai’s and they had 3 feet from the ladder to the other wall.  It was a bit smallish.

kai and cash's room

Now they have a 7 foot carpet between their beds!!  Cash has a bed but i wanted to paint it white yet.  He is used to sleeping on the floor so he is fine until i get that done.  UPDATE: Cash has got a new bed!!  Click here to see it!

Cash's bed

Most of the paint for the house is from BM.  I love the colors!!

Kai and cash's bedroom

I sanded and urethaned both the boys bedrooms.  The floors were quite a bit lighter before the stuff went on so i was surprised how dark and red they went when i started.  I love, love, love them now.  The fir is beautiful.

This is Evy’s room!!

It is huge compared to the last because he has never had one before- ever.  He was in our room.

everett's room


I need to put the quarter round back along the baseboards, and get Joel to finish the window trim.  Then this room should be good for decorating!!!

ev's room


3 responses to “Boy’s Rooms”

  1. Britta says :

    Everything looks great Delee! I’m sure the boys are happy to have the space!

  2. Aunt Barb says :

    Just looked at the tour and can hardly believe it. I can’t imagine the emotion and pride that Grandma Cora and Aunt Doris would have. I remember standing with Mom and looking out the window as the old house was moved across the fields to the Jackson farm. The tears( which you did not see often rolled down her face)- now the house is back . Thankyou

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