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school time

My mom got me “hand writing without tears”  this fall, and around the first of Feb Kai and i started it!!  It has been soooo good for both of us.  This time has turned from being work to being something fun and enjoyable and rewardable, a ‘mostly’ one on one time.  Now we look forward to it!!

I’ve enjoyed watching Kai (and Cash) develop their drawing and coloring skills. Kai has been picking up his crayons and markers more often as time has been moving along. Cash has really taken to painting. They both got new markers and notebooks for Easter this year and they loved them!

This program is pretty neat, it teaches the Kai to recognize his letters through a variety of ways- so we never get bored with the same thing. Then from that the program has a workbook that we go through. It has the letter tracing and plenty of coloring. It works through tracing shapes that relate to the letters too. Kai looks forward to when we do ‘school’.

It is a great (almost) one on one time, and it takes us at least 30 minutes to work through everything. We don’t do school everyday, things come up, Kai and Cash usually play outside in the pm and sometimes we don’t have time after that, and sometimes i am just too lazy. It took us about a month and a half-ish and Kai could say his letters in his name, recognize them all and write them out!


Kai started pre-k the first of March!! He was so excited and ready, there was no problem at all. I had more anxiety than him!! He just loooves going so much! I am so proud of him!


I really love this time together, it is just a happy (98%) , chatty, let everything out kinda time.  We imagine and draw and laugh and learn and love.