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who am i


Seriously this summer i will be 29 years old and i don’t wanna be!  I have been blessed with a fantastic always serving husband.  Together we have 3 beautiful healthy boys.  We are the morgage payers on a new made to fit house, which is fun and new and exciting!  What more could anyone want, it looks like we have a really good life right.  BUT i do want more…  I just realized that i haven’t thought too much lately about who i am, what defines me, and if i am living out who i am.

who am i-

I am a wife, mom, daughter, sister- those are pretty easy.  I am a lover of journaling and wonderful pencils, pens and all things that go with paper.(it is a weakness)  I am a beach lover, i could be there all summer.  I am not a cleaner but i like to have a clean house.  I am an organizer on paper, not a follow througher.  I am a photographer, i love to be behind the camera.  I am a beautiful child of GOD, who tries to be thankful all day long!  I am better at recieving grace than passing it out.  I am not patient but i am joyful.  I am in love with my love and perfect match, Joel.  I am in love with my boys too.

my boys

who am i-

I am a dreamer, a way to high imaginator.  I am a coffee and tea drinker.  I am a bit creative and wish to be more.  I am a lover of all things expensive.  I am learning to make more of what i want.  I am learning to be a more gentle momma.  I am a practicing photographer, a moment freezer.  I am learning to be a better house cleaner. (this is a big work in progress)  I am striving at being a better wife.  I am not good at waiting on things i want.


I am not a patient momma, and this is something that is a trial for me.  I am not gentle in my voice levels as i wish i were.  I am a sinner but forgiven!


There are so many things that make all of me.  Take the time to care and pay attention to these things instead of dreaming like i tend to do.  Dreaming of something other than what you are can be a very negative thing.


So instead of dreaming maybe i should take hold of the things i am and embrace them, keep them held up high in my heart!!  I am a doer of more of who i am.  I need to pay attention to who i am right now!


I am a short term hermit.  I am thankful, i am a rejoicer.  I am a baby lover.  I am a baker not a cooker.  I am a scowler.  I am and always will be a kitchen dancer, music lover.  I am not a music player.  I am a picture lover.  I am a traveler, not a sit around vacationer.  I am an animal lover and eater.  I am a chicken lover.  I am a garden planter, a flower groomer, a waiter for spring.  I am a sunshine needer, a cloud hater.  I am a thunder and lightning enjoyer.  I am a hot weather soaker-upper.  I am a Jesus lover.  I am a prayer, i am not perfect.  I am not a floor sweeper, but a shoe wearer.


I am an in the moment lover- but not a good rememberer.  I am a lover.  I am a cuddler, a book reader.  I am a tech lover but not so good user.  I am a practicer, a teacher, a rule maker.  I am a rule breaker, a saucy pants, a not so good holder of my tounge.  I am sorry when needed.  I am working at being better to my family.  I am loyal to my family, i am a hugger.  I am a most excited crocus spotter and a GOD marveler!  I am long winded.  I use 18 words when 3 are enough.  I am short tempered in the wrong things and a joyfinder in the right. I am a tickle monster and a discipliner.  I am a wanna doer of a lot of things.  But a time waster.  I am still changing and growing and learning of everything- including myself.

cash and kai

What defines me-

What has GOD given me to me?-

God has given me 2 ears that are not the same.  A short body but loud mouth.   GOD has given me a joyful heart.  GOD has given me passion for my husband and kids!!  I am a giver- God has given me the love and joy to do it. Do these things define me?- I think they do, i think everything that makes you who you are helps define you.


I am a yeller, but not a liker of that.  I am a foot stomper.  A funny movie watcher.  I am a slow poker, over packer.


I am all these things and really not too many of them do i want to change.  And when i list all these things out i don’t see too much i think i need to add.  GOD has made me just so, just how he knew i would be the best.  I see things in my list that i would like to be more of and spend more time on- but as i am learning time can be a wonderful thing.  Some thing to wait upon, something to cherish.

joel and kai

This list is good and it has spurred me to pump up somethings and work at letting other things not limit or hinder me.  GOD is good.  I am the bread maker not winner.  I am a procrastinator, a half job getter doner.  I am a try not to grumbler.  I am a love giver, a boo-boo kisser.  I am a pizza lover a bad food hater!  I am a try really hard not to worry let GOD have it kinda girl.

deep deep down, who am i-

I am wanting to glorify GOD with everything i got, and not be held back by sin.  I am a girl wanting to believe in a fairytale ending.  I am a girl working towards my fairytale ending.  I am happy, i am content and i am learning.

deep down inside of me, who am i-

I am a woman who is slowly becoming who GOD made me to be!