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I’m so excited!!

We got our kitchen in!!  Thanks, thank you, THANKS to Dan ( Douglas’ dad) and Douglas (our friend who was in our wedding) and Britta (Douglas’ wife)!!  I am so excited!!  Its perfect!!  It’s wonderful and bright and white!!  It’s big!!  It’s just as i wanted, just as i dreamed!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!douglas


They came on Nov. 17 and 18- so it has been a while but i have been busy, busy like a bee.

douglas and dan


I kinda was too busy to take pictures when they first got started.  Britta and i were taking all the doors and drawers out and labeling them for the guys.  And i was just too excited to think of anything else!!

kitchen counters

kitchen island

They worked a long time to get the penninsula to be strong and solid.  It turned out perfect- Dan did some fixing for me too!  I was going to order a toe kick on one of the cupboards but when i saw the price for the option i never got it.  When the cabinets were set up i realized i should have ordered it, and didn’t know how it was going to work.  But Dan came to save the day and built me a toe kick!!



cutting the counters


Everything turned out just great!!  The wood counters are awesome!! They are not finished yet- i have been a bit torn on how to.  There is really only 2 choices i have found- 1 is too oil them every month FOREVER. And the other is to put the poly on them.  Which is not supposed to be food safe- but what most tables are finished with.  (i am not using the wood as a cutting board, it is a counter)  So i have made a test plot and also applied stain to see if i like anything like that.  The stain can only go on if the poly goes on.  I am leaning towards the poly- applying the oil once a month is not hard and dosen’t take long, but on my test plot the oil soaked up into my mable tiles.  Maybe a bit shy of like 1/2 inch- so i don’t want to worry about that and i also don’t want to worry about any water damage; which i can see happening.

It’s coming along!!  I’m so excited!!

peace out-