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Happy Birthday my wonderful Kai Kai


Look at him, he is so big, so smart, so handsome, learning so much everyday and growing up to be a wonderful young boy.  I can’t believe how fast time has gone by already!

Kai’s birthday was on the 10th and we had his party the next day.  It was a really nice nite all the G’Parents were there and some of the Auntis, Uncles, and cousins.  There was hotdogs and hamburgers and so many presents.  Kai was spoiled.   And he loved it- and so did Cash!

Joel and i got Kai 1/2 a running bike, and Ron and Sandy got the other 1/2.  We also got him some other little things, crayons, markers and a binder full of paper for drawing, and a couple of dinky cars.

Joel decided that the tractor was from grandpa Doyle- since he got a new blue tractor this past month!!

The boys have been playing with it all day.

Cash enjoyed these packing peanuts, and he claimed the semi.

How do you like the paper sitting on top of his head??

Kai has been wanting a rolly suitcase like his cousin Hayden for about 2 years! He is so excited!

This present is from Aunti Dallas- the peanuts are always a favorite.  I was happy it was opened outside!

Wait do you see that sparklely finger?  Do you?  It isn’t hard to miss.

Here take another look!

It is huge!!  And so shiny and sparklely and super big!  It looks so good on her hand.  Good job Ray!!

Arn’t these 2 cute!  I just love them to pieces.

And they like to get their picture taken which is always fun!

Today is Friday nite when i am writing this and the boys have been gently fighting over the new toys all day!!  hehe…  Now i am setting the timer for 10 minutes at a time and when the beeper goes we SWITCH! Oh what fun for a few days until the toys are broken in.

Thanks everyone for the presents and the company on Kai’s special day!

Love ya.