Spring planting

Cash and Kai started some garden veggies a couple weeks ago.  I wanted to start them like the first of march- but you know my dreams were awesome but the follow through sucked. haha… In the end i still did somethingand thats what matters. Cash started some peas which are really fun to watch, they have done really well and the leaves are very pretty.  Kai started i think his favorite, cucumbers.  They are not as exciting to look at, but they are sturdy and simple.


The tist tie was put in there by Cash, he thought it would be nice for Kai to have 2 plants, as he had 5!!




When the plants came up we did a planting/growing craft.  I saw it on pinterest of course.  It is cute, they glue a pot on a paper, then the stem.  There are 4 lift-the-flap leaves and under each one is what is needed to make plants grow.  The boys really enjoyed doing this, and i think they learned something too! Bonus!!


I have one more activity to do with them that has us cut out lots of different veggies and put them under two headings.  Either tops or bottoms, the picture gets glued under which one we eat.  I think it looks like fun and we will have to use our brains a bit.

This project has been fun and messy for us to work through, but they are worth it!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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