Our next chapter

We are starting something new here at the Noble5 farm!! So excited! The day after Joel and i were married i have been asking, begging, crying, suggesting for chickens. I want them so badly, why i have not a clue! Just joking- i want them for a couple reasons and now that we are getting them i see that this is just the right time. Joel is so smart and wise.

I am just going to list them because thats how i roll!-

1- we get to eat yummy eggs that are super duper fresh, organic, real, and i know where they came from

2- they are cute to look at, the pretty ones anyway

3- they are kinda like a pet when you let them walk all over the place, and thats country

4- it is good for me to get out of the house

5- a good chore to start with the boys, kids need chores

6- farm kids need to have farm work

7- they are super cute when they are chicks

8- the ‘peep’ they make when they are babies is one of the most wonderful sounds

9- someday we might be able to eat them, and that is delish

10- the chicken coop is so going to be pretty and fun!!

11- it will be something to teach the boys about, something to care about, something that might maybe light a spark in them, something fun!- maybe next year we will hatch eggs!

I have been just dancing around the last week getting the chicks picked out and ordered. Joel thinks i have gone batty already!! It is just so exciting to get something that you have been waiting for 6 years for!! How can i not be excited??!!

I ordered from a hatchery in Manitobia called Bergs and i got 20 chicks. They are coming via my favorite way, the mail!! I will have to go and get them from Assinaboia on June 7th, that is 48 more days and counting down!! 10 are Barred Plymouth Rock and 10 are Golden Laced Wyandottes. They both lay brown yummy eggs!! Now i have lots of work todo getting things figured out and ready and maybe do a little bit of research to brush up on my chicken farming skills!

my boys

ok, this is just the most exciting thing right now!! I don’t even have any pictures or anything, just big dreams!! And my boys!!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

5 responses to “Our next chapter”

  1. debb kemp says :

    ok, so the photo, look at little Everett watching, learning and studying his older brother!!!! I love it! Also if I might add I agree with #1,5,6,9,10 and 11!!! but #3 is going to make you sad……cause it will give you coyote bait or Lucy bait.
    Annnnd this is the last thing I thought I’d ever see you doing!!!! I look forward to the chicken coop and maybe an egg every now and then with my nice yummy toast!!!!! aka Delee’s yummy best in the west bread!!!!!

  2. missy says :

    I never ever ever thought I’d have chickens. I love them now. Wish you lived closer as we have two mamas sitting on 18 eggs and another 16 eggs in the incubator..would love to give you some chicks as we’ll have too many.

    As a side note – we had a really really hard time eating the chickens that we had raised as pets and named, held, etc…..we don’t eat them anymore. If we ever have chickens for meat they will be bought as meat birds, all named ‘dinner’, and not treated as pets like our egg-laying girls are.

    have fun! You’ll love them. Get some scratch/corn/etc for the boys to throw to the chickens and soon the birds will start following them around the yard.

    • ddnoble says :

      Thanks for letting me know about the eating!!! You are totally right!! As I am watching you guys farm and produce such wonderful things I wish we lived closer too!!
      I’m going to make sure we have the feed to ‘throw at them’! The boys will love it so much!! Thanks for following!!

  3. ijmuirhead says :

    So cool. I have loved our chickens and eggs! We let ours free range this spring, but when I started putting in plants I realized it wasn’t going to work. They are happy in a chicken tractor now and my garden is safe 🙂 Best of luck with the chicks!

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