march to april

Jeepers!!  What a slumpy month!! It seemed to drag on and on and on and onandonand…

OK- got that out of the way!  hehe.. Happy April, i am sooo looking forward to it!  We have got off to a good start here at the Noble house hold!!  I finally got my bathroom completely finished!!  I am super-duper happy!  I hope to show you pictures within the next week!! (i still have to take the pictures) It’s not busy or full or fancy with things but it is neat and sparkly and easy to clean.  And i am happy with it.

Joel cleaned out the sun porch!!  I am so excited about this too!  I really don’t have a hard time getting excited about most things!  I missed getting a picture of all the stuff we had packed in there- yuck! He was quick to get it outta here!  Joel was able to repair a glass window and frame. (or 2) We had a wind storm here last summer and the pane broke.  So now it is swept and emptied and ready to welcome anyone to dares to brave the mud.  Because we have no grass up here we have mud to spare!!

Mom came over this week and helped us get most of the kitchen trim painted!! It has the primer on all of it and the big south windows are completely finished.  There is lots of trim to paint, so much.  This trim painting is what i have been waiting for to show you a kitchen tour!!  Exciting!!!  So this month (giving myself a real timeline) i will be able to show you my kitchen!!  I am pretty pumped!  Thanks mom!!

The boys got new rubber boots and have been using them properly.  Surprisingly Cash has fallen in only once!  Kai only seems to fill his mitts every time he goes out.  3 above 0 is warm enough for mud but still to cold not to have mitts!


I am totally in love with instagram!  I have my family and friends on there and it is lotsa fun.  Some days i am putting more than 6 pictures on there.  What i am excited about is the company’s that print your instagram photos!!  It looks kinda fun, there are magnets and little cute mini books and just plain prints too.  Then my other lifeline pinterest has all these great ideas on how to display your instagram pictures!  The options are endless and i could go on and on and on about these fun things! My name on instagram is deleenoble

I have taken up making pom-poms!  Kinda weird, i know, but i want to make a big garland for above Everett’s crib.  They look super cute i think.  And they are super easy to make too!  Kai and Cash enjoy playing with them- so it has taken me a bit longer to make as many as i want!!  haha…

Brittany and Garrett’s wedding is coming up in a month and a half too!!  I have been spending sooo much time dreaming about it!  I am really excited!!  Brittany and Garrett are going to be fun and exciting to photograph!!

I have been taking lots of pictures this month just fooling around a bit with my camera.  I have been playing around with cropping and perspective and just things that are fun for me.  I have made more mistakes than i can count but i am moving more in the direction that i want to be and it makes me happy.  This April i want to work on printing my work to hang in the house.  There are a coupke things on pinterest that i saw and would like to try.  I have been buying up a few old frames here and there and now i am excited to use them!!!


Well i think that is enough jibber jabber for tonite.

peace out



About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

2 responses to “march to april”

  1. debb kemp says :

    I think Everett looks lonely!!

  2. Jenna says :


    You are ridiculously talented!!!! Love the photos! Can’t wait to see your kitchen.

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