cleaning your keruig

Well i wanna show you how to clean this sucker!!  This took me all day- i had a couple complications which put me behind in my coffee drinking, but i was able to get it done!  It is suposed to be done every so many cups or every 3 months- i think i have done it twice in the 2 years we have owned it.  So it was a bit over due and it made a bit more work.

Steps to cleaning your keurig.

I took the lid off and noticed all the yucky things floating in the water. I had known about them for sometime but was choosing to ignore them!!


Run hot water through the machine with no keurig holder things in it. The water goes everywhere in there and makes me feel like it is doing a good job cleaning.


This was the water after 5 rinses. Still a tad bit dirty.


Now take the tank off and the cup holder. It is pretty dirty under there! Lotsa hard water build up at my house.


We don’t take the tank off hardly ever because we find it easier to just fill the tank with a small jug.  So it is dirty under there when it finally comes off!


Lotsa hard water yucky stuff.


Now you can soak your parts in a nice hot soapy wash. I let everything sit for 20 minutes or so and everything came off nice.


While the tank was soaking, i started to clean the machine. I had to get in all the tiny spots with the handy toothbrush. The hard water was a bit stuburn to get off, but i finally scratched it off with my fingernails. Easy peasy!


Wash everything, and get into all the spaces you don’t see.  They are dirty.



Vinegar does the rest of the work. It is wonderful stuff.


Fill the tank with the vinegar and put it back on the keurig.


This is where I ran into some problems! The vinegar did its job and descaled all the hoses inside and clogged it. Uggg.  I was so very frustrated, I tried running it and running it. Nothing worked.


Well the machine was completely stuck- it would not budge at all. So I was feeling very brave and do it yourselfy, I decided to take the bottom off. Thinking I could take the hoses off and clean them out manually. Nope couldn’t do that either.  Actually once i got it opened i kinda panicked that it might never work again. And that breville would phone me and tell me they were cancelling my warenty.


But they didn’t and i got it back together.  And tipping it over actually helped dislodge the yucky stuff in there.  Finally i went on line and got the pdf for the machine, and i found how they say to clean it.

This is what they said to do-

– fill the tank with vinegar

-run it until it is empty and let it sit on and empty for 4 hours

-run a full tank of water through the machine

-then if you still smell vinegar run a bit more water through it till it smells clean


Then yipee it is all done and ready to go!!



peace out and enjoy your coffee!



About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

2 responses to “cleaning your keruig”

  1. Dallas says :

    Hahaha Delee! Your supposed to read the I instructions first! Did you remember to unplug it then plug it back in after? I’m so happy that you got it back together again. I just cleaned mine the other day… It took so long.
    Love Yah!

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