i’m back!!!

We moved and so i was busy to be here-

then i didn’t have wireless up here yet so i had to figure out how to work my blackberry to my computer

then i got an iphone on the last day of January and my computer would absolutely not connect to it

not even a little bit

i have been working on this connecting thing off and on for almost all month- sigh…

but tonite i finally some how figured it out!  Yeah me!!!

Don’t know what buttons i touched but they worked and here i am.

Just a couple nites ago i was really missing this space of mine.  There has been nothing life changing to write about or even really super exciting but i just missed this time to be here and being able to let my thoughts run a bit free…  so i am saying again cause i am super pumped!!  I fixed whatever was wrong with the hotspot connecting and i don’t have a clue how i did it!!  yipee for me!!

cash and kai


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

4 responses to “i’m back!!!”

  1. camimansuy says :

    Oh, I so love them! They are so cute!

  2. debb kemp says :

    goofy little cookie monsters!!!!! i love them too!!!!!

  3. Aunty Mel says :

    They couldn’t be cuter! I just wanna eat ’em!

  4. Amanda says :

    cannot wait for the house tour to continue … !!!!! 🙂

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