I wish i knew what secrets this old house has.  I know it must have a couple at least.

I need to ask Grandma Vivy more about this place we are turning into a home.  I don’t think she was able to live in the house for too long as her family had to move to town to work.  So i don’t know how many memories she has in this house.

Joel took the bathroom right down to the studs and found a secret that was all covered up.  It was a secret room and when we cracked it open i was dreaming of jewels and old bonds and treasure!!!  Nothing not even some old christmas ornaments or mouse trurds or dust.  Boo…

But it is more space for storage and that means Joel is happy cause the room in the basement that was going to be storage is now turning into his manly-gun room!!  Joel is happy.

The boys love these cubby holes upstairs- it is a secret little hide away, a secret little adventure, a secret little place to escape from the real world, i know they will use for many years growing up.  I love watching their excitement and curiousity.  Then i wonder what was going on in this house 80 years ago when Grandma was born.  What did Great Grandma Cora store in all those cubbies or were they kept empty like they are now, i wonder if the girls played in them or if that was permited.

The other 2 cubbies are in each room and the little door is framed out the same as all the normal doors in the house.  They were given just as much attention to detail even though they were so tiny.  And i wonder why- why such special treatment for little secret rooms or for nothing, just space.  I just wanna know.  And “things” i think were more valued 80 years ago and as we are seeing in this house detail was important.

Soon the boys will be making their own secrets in their new little spaces.


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5 responses to “secrets”

  1. Janelle says :

    I know what you mean. I love to find out the stories of our old house. I wonder about the people who lived here before our family. I wonder about the moms who lived here, and if they loved it like I do. I can relate to your wonderings!

  2. Barb. For Grandma Vivvy says :

    I think there is a story about Aunt Doris being able to get to places that Viv could not so Aunt Doris would tell Viv about all the beautiful things that were up there.

    Aunt Barb

  3. Aunt Barb says :

    That comment was from me not Grandma Vivvy

  4. Aunt Barb says :

    I think the bathroom was added after the Montjoys sold the house so maybe explains the secret room behind it

    • ddnoble says :

      That is when the other sliding french door was pitched for the plumbing to go down too!! Grandma said when we got the house that she thought it was a sitting room? the secret little room had a matching door like the others, so i think it was probably framed out nice like the others as well. it would have made a really nice sitting room/reading room.

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