it’s getting spooky in here!!

I have been looking on pinterest for things that the boys and i can do together to decorate the house.  Let me tell you it is really hard when you don’t have any black paper or black paint!!!  haha… sigh…

But we have done a couple and i have a couple more that i can do with out those other things.

Cash did not like the glue and cotton balls stuck to his fingers!

We first made some bats- i traced the boys hands on each side of a circle, then they painted them with the only dark colors we had.  I cut them out and glued them on a cardstock paper.  And the boys glued on the eyes, easy.  I had help hanging them up from the boys and once they were up i think that they look a bit more like spiders- but whatever they are the boys think they are creeeepy!!

We made some scary pumpkins – Kai was not the least bit impressed that we were putting yellow paper in for the eyes and mouth.  “Mom!!  They are supposed to be black don’t you know!  Its more scary!”  And i have to let him down by informing him that we don’t have any black paper and he could use a black crayon and draw on the face.  “Mom, why don’t we go to the grocery store and get some paper right now.  They have black paper.”  “No sorry Kai, we can’t just drive to town for that.”  “Mom we could get some in the mail!”

Do you think we get enough stuff in the mail!!  haha… we made the pumkins with yellow!

Today we made some ghosties with cotton balls and hung them up.  Thank youuuuuu pinterest!!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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