more kitchen

I want to keep this updated now that i am back here- so this is really not too exciting for most everyone- but me.  In the last couple days the electrical has been done, the dining room add on is sealed and wired, the deck is wired.  Some of the plumbing that goes in the walls has been done, the insulation and vapor barrier is started.  Things are moving along.  And i am happy!  Chris (my bro-in-law) stopped by this week as we (Joel was doing the work, but i was making sure everything was going where it should be( where i wanted it))

little story board for you:

Me- what are you doing with the dining room light?

Joel- where do you want this?

Me- i want it centered aboved the middle window

Joel- ug… sigh… why?

Me- because it will look the best there and i don’t want to have to wish you would have put it where i wanted it 20 years down the road.  why, is there a problem?

Joel- why do you have to make everything so hard?

This is where Chris pipes in- Do you guuys always fight like this???

And both of us give him a dirty look- like we aren’t fighting

And Joel did it my way in like 4 minutes- just so everyone knows.  I love him more everyday!!

i’m just laughing my pants off thinking i’m so funny- just so everyone knows.  haha……..

Once the insulation goes in the kitchen and dining then we will be able to turn the heat on yah!!  The house has been any where from 3 to 7 degrees.  I had all my base layers on and i was still cold if i was not moving.  After the insulation goes in and drywall up, i think we are moving to a new spot in the house- (hopefully the bathroom.  That stupid bathroom has been bothering me since we got the house here, last year.  I think partly because i am excited to see the exterior change with the new windows that we have for it.  aaaakkkk…  Anyways once this big kitchen project is done- we get to move on to the finishing!  I am really super excited, but i think we are still a month and a half away from moving in.  I have in my head the end of November- but we will see.

peace out-



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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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