its messy!

This is almost the end of the mess!!  YIPEE!!  The only messy thing left is to take out the upstairs bathroom- and i think that will maaaaybe happen on Joel’s next days off!  It will take a good chunk of time because the small window has to come out and 2 new ones in, and i am also hopeing Joel will change some of the plumbing around.  And while hes at it do a little of this and a little of that- you know how it goes!!  I think WE have decided to take out the tub and put in only a stand up shower kit.  It will give more room and storage space.  It also puts the orginal style windows back in- the new ones are a bit smaller but still the same style.  I believe that the bathroom was a sitting room in the begining?  So the windows were really big and nice for that- probably like around 5×4 or something like that.  I don’t know yet but that is about the size of the old ones in the bedrooms.  Then the bedroom ones were changed to a 5×2, and now we have changed them to a 4×3.  They do not look like the old single hung in the rest of the house(they are side sliders) – they just took up too much wall space that we need because the rooms both have pony walls.  Also we were able just to buy these as stock windows at home depot so they saved us a lot of money not haveing to special order them.

So back to the mess- i bet you would like to see it!

This is kinda a main floor house tour!

This is the room where Grandma Vivy was born in and her older sister Great Aunt Doris!!  It is now going to be the laundry/ pantry!  These drawers are out of the kitchen, it was the only thing we could salvage.  The cupboards were made to fit and there was no way we could salvage them!  The walls are painted and the floor is sanded waiting to be varnished when it is a bit cleaner!

This is the closet in the back porch and all the paint and varnish!!  I am still missing  all the paint for upstairs!  I am hoping to have a painting party in a month or so.  wink, wink!!

Here it almost is- the new kitchen and dining!!!  Joel is really not very messy when he is taking things apart.  He cleans up quickly after every small job (he doesnt like the mess, so right now in this state- the house is too messy and i have to keep reminding him that it is all stock!!)  I ment to go up to the house when he was taking out all the really messy stuff, but i forgot.

I think this is going to be my little sitting sun room!!

This is the master, or aka the flooring storage room!  What you see is the dark flooring which is for the kitchen/dining and the little stack is for the master.  It is a white wash and i think it is cool!  All the other flooring is on the other side of the room and its pile kinda looks like this pile but bigger!

Ahhh, the living room.  Or the kitchen.  Right now it has all the kitchen cabinets EVERYWHERE!!  But someday soon my coal miner will have them installed.

For now we are just messy.


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One response to “its messy!”

  1. Tamara says :

    I see lots has changed since we were there. It’s looking good! Things always get messy before they get AMAZING!!!

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