the kitchen and dining

We (meaning I) had fabulous plans to have a massive kitchen- it was going to have space just to have space.  It was airry and bright and large and had a huge big island with all sorts of  fancy things in it.  It was magazine worthy and Martha Stewart would have been swooning over it.  Well it has come out a little smaller than dreamed of, it just did not work for Joel.  He just did not want to do it at all, -but he was going too! (and fight me tooth and nail while doing it)

This kitchen is has been a thorn in our side for 10 months i bet, it was just my idea against his.  I prayed and prayed for my kitchen, and one day i knew what God wanted me to do- give it up to Joel.  I did and cried for 2 days.  But it was great- Joel was happy and in the end i am getting something else fabulous!!

Joel built me a 6×12 addition on the southside of the dining room and filled it with airry windows and a exciting patio door!!  It is going to feel bright and large.  Then i got more- Joel is putting a roof on all of the other area that i wanted as kitchen.  So i will have a really nice covered deck/porch!!  It is going to be really awesome!!  Instead of an island i got a peninsula with all sorts of fancy things in it!  Joel has given me my dream kitchen, every single little and big expensive thing i have wanted-he wanted me to have!!  So i got it!!  So i really am going to have my perfect dream kitchen all because of him!!

In the picture below you can see the size of the super big windows that are going there and then around the far corner the patio door is going there.  It will be facing west.  Then in the picture above the whole white wall will be gone and everything will flow into there!!  It is going to make the dining room 16 feet long.

Joel just asked a couple guys to come help him yesterday to put these up!!

Now on to the next job!


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

2 responses to “the kitchen and dining”

  1. Melissa says :

    Your husband must really love you!! You are ridiculous! 🙂

  2. Tamara says :

    Can’t wait to see the new cabinets up in your kitchen. Sandy said they looked pretty nice!

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