My boys are irreplaceable.  They bring so much joy and excitement to our lives!!  And lots of noise and dirt and wildness.  But i have been keeping a record of things that i am thankful for and how God blesses me everyday.  I was reading back in my note book not long ago and they melt my heart over and over- when i stop to slow down to enjoy them.  I just love them!   I have been in a miserable funk lately and i am tired of it.  Once you get there it is so hard to get out- i can usually for a bit but then the devil gets in my head again and the cycle starts all over again.  It takes so much constant dedication to God and putting all you got into trusting his way always works out.  I believe that God is working through me to raise these boys and when i look back i can see it- and it makes me beam!!

I just needed to brag about the boys abit cause i am really enjoying them right now and everett has started walking, once he could do that, now he drags his blankie everywhere!!  It is so cute.  The pic of kai and cash was in Yellowknife- we went on a walk out of town and they just loved every minute, it was hard to keep them on the path!  They are growing up too fast and just turning out like the little boys i imagined them too!!  They look out for one another and they fight like the dickens the next!!  I love it anad will never trade this crazy life for nothing!!


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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