Moving along

Well when i first made the working construction plan to get our loan- i had us living in the house around the end of July and having a party in August!  Once we started working we told people that we were hoping to be in by the end of summer.  End of summer is good- the kids still play outside lots and lots.  We told many many people that, and at that time we believed it to be true!  But as it went on and time went on, when someone would ask i was saying end of Sept- yep looks good for end of Sept.   Then a few weeks past that, and i have been sticking to my date now for a while- Thanksgiving in October, then Halloween.  UG… sigh…moan… if you will… now i am telling anyone who asks NEVER! and almost with a hiss under my breath-

YIKES- i’m scary!

Well i have decided that i hate giving an esimated date because it just doesn’t work for this household.  Now Joel says- “mmm before the snow comes” or “before we have to use the furnace” (we have been using it since the 1st of Sept) or “by christmas for sure!”   So note to self- just add 3 months next time we build a house!! ha…

But on the positive side it is exciting, we are on the last hill of this journey.  I feel it is quite a steep, large, boulder bearing hill- but none the less it is the last hill.  The kitchen cupboards are all sitting in the living room, waiting, the flooring for the main floor is in the bedroom, waiting, the rafters to go up on the new dining room bumpout are here, waiting.  And the taps and fixtures are in the basement, waiting, the kitchen sink and the couch are here also, just waiting.  I just got my countertops a couple weeks ago so they have not been waiting long.  I think everything big is here but one window that was ordered wrong- so we are waiting for it yet.  It is all very patiently waiting for my kind husband to install and fit together and build.

So i need to practice my waiting, patiently.


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

One response to “Moving along”

  1. Melissa says :

    Your husband is soooo lazy! Kick his butt! 🙂

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