This is the fence rolled back around the North side of our yard.  When all the yard leveling/landscaping is done we will put the fence back up, and this will give us a small baby pasture between our house and Sandy’s.  I am hoping to have a bunch of petting zoo type animals!!  Just a few.  Since the day we were married i have been pleading with Joel to get me chickens- oooo i want chickens so, so bad.  Right now they have no home so i can’t just show up one day with them, i really need Joel to let me have them because he has to get/make me a house.  Blah!  So i am pretty sure in the next year or so i am going to get 14 fabulous chickens for our yard!!  And 2 sheep, 1 pig, and 3 cows.  That is it- oh and maybe 1 or 2 ducks.  Maybe a wild turkey too.  That is it- no more.  Joel is going to have a bird! or a turkey.  haha…

Joel brought it up the other day that he wanted like 3ish cows for in there, i think we really want a Highland- although we have not looked into this at all yet and have no idea about how to get our hands on 1. But they are so cool!!   And i really want a Jersey, i have loved these beauties forever!!  They have the most beautiful eyes, and lashes, and color!!  They are so nice- plus if i was like super crazy i could get cream and cheese!!!   Wouldn’t that be fun!!  Oh you know it would be!!  So does Joel!  For our 3rd animal we have talked about a Longhorn before, but i am not really sure if i would “for real” want one.  But we want something else that looks funky.  That is it, or super fun “petting zoo” for Delee, and i will be so happy.




About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

One response to “Dreaming”

  1. darla says :

    delee it me!! darla.
    i know where you can get those cows!!! one time on sonshine tour in beautiful boseman montana i stayed at a b and b that had a whole head of highland cattle… those people were so nice im sure they would give you one since you are kinda from mt too with your po box and all.

    love you lots.

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