Meal planning and Stroganoff for supper

This week i am trying to use up all of my food that i have stock piled.  I am trying to not spend anymore money till next paycheck.  We will see!!

Joel works tonite and then he is off for 5 days so we are going to put our butts into gear and get the bathroom almost finished by the weekend.  The only thing that will be missing is the paint, trim and the tub plumbing.  We had a wonderful faucet picked out but it just did not work.  So i got what i wanted in the first place- the faucet with the telephone on the top!  The one that goes with the tub (Joel dosen’t like it)- so it is coming in the mail, it should be here by early next week!   I think we are going to do all the trim at one time??  Maybe? Then i will show you a picture!!

Monday– Dinner= sandwiches

Supper= stroganoff

Tuesday- Dinner= hotdogs

Supper= fish with sweet potato fries (we didn’t end up eatting this last week)

Wednesday– Dinner= cheese and crackers and veggies

Supper= homemade chicken noodle soup

Thursday- Dinner= hotdogs ( i don’t know why we are eatting these 3 times this week- but they looked good at the store lasst week!)

Supper= BBQ pork tenderloin and potato

Friday- Dinner= pancakes

Supper= spaghetti

Saturday- Dinner= leftovers

Supper= CMA bikers are here and there is a BBQ

Sunday- Dinner= we have potluck and i am bringing BBQ crock pot beef for a bun- i really like this recipe it is a little bit of work for the sauce though.

Supper= we are working on the house siding during the afternoon and so there will be extra people here.  I kinda think lasagna?  but i might change my mind!!

Beef Stroganoff-

1lb hamburger

11/2 c beef broth

2T ketchup

1tsp salt

1 small garlic

3c sliced mushrooms

1 med onion

1/4c flour

1c sour cream

1.  Cook the meat.

2.  Add the broth (reserving 1/3c), the ketchup, salt and garlic.  Heat to boiling; reduce heat. Simmer for about 10 minutes.

3.  Stir in mushrooms and onions- simmer 5 minutes more.

4.  Mix the flour with the broth and stir into the beef – thicken as much as you want.  Stir in sour cream- heat and serve with noodles.



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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

One response to “Meal planning and Stroganoff for supper”

  1. debb kemp says :

    what can I bring for sunday supper? sounds like a good week except maybe all the hot dogs!!!!! looking forward to the weekend!

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