the main floor bathroom

Well the main floor bathroom has been slowly coming along.  Last weekend was exciting because Chris came to lay the tile with Joel!!  When i started the designing of the bathroom, i had 1 must have- it was a clawfoot tub.  A most wonderful, sought after dreamy, good looking tub.  You know the one you must have to complete your life, thats the one.  The most important thing that i had to have- i would forfit it all to get this tub. (what else would you say!?)  At Lowes i found a nice one it was 1200$- i thought alright as my “piece” i can handle that much money.  Then i touched it- IT WAS PLASTIC!! ew, ew, ew! I was sad, i wanted a real cast iron one- i wanted my bathroom to be like “Sarah’s House” and i would even take her guest bath that she had done (for 21000$).  So i got one in the mail!!  How sweet is that!!  It cost me 957$ and it is the crown jewel of my bathroom- move on over Sarah!!  After that i also ordered all the faucets for the bath and kitchen too.  They came in the mail!, with free shipping!  Free shipping is the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world!!

To keep my story going about the decorating/designing- well to go with the tub i wanted the floor to be the classic black and white octogon mosaic.  Oh i wanted it soooooo bad- but it was just to much money and Joel DID NOT want to do it.  So the bathroom went completly modern, which is not where i had it going in my head at all.  (My taste is a bit rich for our budget i am finding out)  We just started picking up pieces here and there, before we knew it all the pieces were here and they were modern!!  And they were nice.  Who knew.

The day we picked up the flooring we went to Home Depot and nothing there was nice at all, and plus there was no one there to help.  So we went to Rona with all the tired boys in tow (never never ever build a ginormus house with little ones- ever.), and the guy there was awseome!!  He told us so many extra do’s and don’t’s that i wish i would have recorded everything he was telling me.  The tiles i came out with were 12″ x 24″ they are huge, complete complete opposite of what i wanted.  But remember- compromise and know that there are many faboulous things out there you just have to find them( and be in the right mindset!) So the tile is awseome and i am completly floored about it. -ha The shower we bought is a glass one with tile to go on both of the walls- I got 12″ x 12″ white squares and as an accent i got eensie weensie black slate rectangle mosaic tiles.  I hope it all comes together as i see it in my head!!  The sink i also had a hard time with- i wanted the ones with the crome legs and they have large marble tops on them… so fabulous.  I dream and dream one will come to me in the mail for free, with free shipping, but no such luck-yet!!  We got our sink form Ikea and it has a simple wooden cupboard base, dark, and then the whole top is ceramic or porcilen or something else smooth.  The top is all one piece and only has 1 hole for the tap, so again a bit modern in my books.  But the sink is really nice and i am happy that we got this one for 250$ instead of the 800$ one that i really wanted!

In the end our bathroom budget was doubled- there was “no way” we could keep within it at all.  And i am happy.  And Joel says “oh, you were trying to keep in the budget??”- haha

Here is the progress so far-

I am not sure what cash is doing.

The black square that you see in the picture below is the hole for the medicine cabinet/mirror.  It is so wonderful. I will show it to you another day when you have time for another long story!

Little bit of Keith Urban to keep em’ moving!!

My tub!!  and the toilet and the tiny black tiles for the shower! and walls and giprock!
















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2 responses to “the main floor bathroom”

  1. Tamara says :

    ok, so those pictures were just a tease! I can’t wait to see it finished. I think the mix of the ‘old’ tub and the modern will be really amazing in the end! Looks good. You will enjoy it so much!

  2. trinac says :

    Oh what fun! We haven’t done wall tiles before, but I was pleasantly surprised how easy the floor tiles were to do. I love our tile! Your place is coming together nicely. It will be so nice when you get to move it.

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