cleaning out and movin’ up!

Well i am ready to move- but my things are not ready to go yet.  They feel they would like to be sorted through and organized.  So i grabbed a garbage bag and let’em have it! This week (acually Monday) i got an itch to clean and throw away.

My dyson vacume got a much needed bath, my oven was washed out.  I have done many, many, too many to count loads of laundry to go to Edmonton.  And i started to weed out some of my not-thought-of-many belongings.  I keep saying to myself and everyone else who bothers to listen to me that “i don’t have that much stuff!”  Well i cleaned out my side of the closet, and the bathroom closet and came up with 2 garbage bags full of things and an old diaper box and 3 more grocery bags full.  eeeek!  i might have some stuff!

Well i feel that i am on a roll- so twice a month i am going to go on a binge and throw/donate as much stuff as i can get done in that day.  I am so excited, i did not want to stop.  But one day really was enough, i went through every little piece of stuff.  Folded and refolded and washed and dusted.  It was wonderfully tiring and so 2 times a month will be great.




About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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