Valentines day!

We had such a wonderful day, the boys and i just played and played!!  In the morning they both got a plate and cup from us that was about valentines day.  So they were excited to eat off them!!  I think they had their favorite breakfast monkey bread!! It might be mine too because it is all made and very easy to rip them off a few hunks.

We made a heart garland together- on each heart they drew something they loved.  Cash had a butterfly, a fence, a cat, grandpa, dad, and everett on one heart.  Each thing he loved was a small little line and everytime he drew one he would ask me what it was- i would then tell him to tell me and he would.  I might have missed a few of his love things he had a lot!!  Kai on the other hand was not really eager to work on this project so he drew Everett on one heart then on all the others he drew lines copying Cash.  Still enjoying having the full attention of me and being able to gab on and on as he wanted!!

Then for at least an hour we drew out 2 towns ( 1 for each) on the back of a cereal box and played with those for the rest of the morning.  It was like a mini, mini car mat.  It was so much fun the boys loved showing me where to draw things for their cars.

I gave the boys half a love bomb today-  i say that because i pooped out around mid afternoon!!  I needed a nap.  After we played trains after dinner and Joel woke up i was done. (also b/c i wanted to visit with Joel he is working nites)

I found this love bomb idea at Modern Parents Messy Kids and it struck me.

I really loved today- my 90% attention was on them and being on the floor with them playing and talking.  We had little fighting and wrestling and lotsa love talk!!  I really got nothing done today- at all.  We ate and were dressed (not me) and that was it.  I think it was really just wonderful for all of us.  As a mom i feel horrible that i should have to schedule one of these in- but keeping everything else together can take over your time and energy if you let it.  (which i do) Stopping to play can seem so time consuming, and when i do i still have 9 things on the back burner- so kids could you hurry up because i gotta go, i got things to do.  What is more important at this time than them.  Nothing.  I know that it would not be really an ideal lifestyle to live in a sty but i need more of a heavy weighted balance on them.  I need to be organized.  I need routine- which i still can’t get because i am a bit too lazy.  I need more self discipline.  I want to make myself feel free to sit down and play with them when ever i am asked, and not have 9 things on the back burner.  Little by little i think i am getting the hang of things!!!  And i love it!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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  1. debb says :

    and I love you! I’m tearing up here!!!

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