This is before…

This is after!!!

Joel has made the dining room and the kitchen one large room!!  Isn’t it awesome!  When i was first thinking about the kitchen i absolutly did not want that wall out.  I wanted a formal/seperate dining, then i thought about making a very large opening between the 2 rooms.  Almost like an island.

From there i was convinced that the wall should come out so that the room would be bigger for family get togethers (which i want so bad- my table and area now allow for 4- i have sat 6 i think, and there is no room for them to get out or move!!  But it works.)

From there i was able to make my stand longer than Joel was that we should add more room on to the kitchen/dining!!  I really do love getting what i want.  In the begining when we were talking about the bedroom addition i wanted there to be some additional living room space- so that would mean him taking out the wall there between the 2 rooms.  He said no.  But now with all of his knowledge and experience i think he can do anything!!  He is so, so wonderful!!  I just love him!

So we are now blowing out the whole 24′ South wall on the house!!  eeeeeeee!!  My kitchen/dining will be 24×24!!  I am excited and i don’t even care if it puts us back a couple months, it is worth it, completely.

Joel asked Dad to come over the day he made the rooms 1, and they installed a LVL beam where the wall was.  It is a whole bunch of wood glued together and is supposed to be very, very strong!  Joel said it was really heavy too.  When the south wall goes one of these beams will go in there too.

My husband rocks!!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

5 responses to “Kitchen!!”

  1. Cami says :

    So awesome! Looks even better than when I saw it on the weekend. What a difference.

  2. gayle zyla says :

    Ken and I have remodeled many homes and we “always” knock out a wall. That looks so awesome. I love the Sask. sunshine coming in the windows too. You are going to have so many wonderful family times in that kitchen!

    • ddnoble says :

      i was so unsure at first to do it- but now that joel has finished it i can’t imagine having the wall up! it doubles the space, and hey, while we are at it lets double that space again! ha… thanks for reading and keeping up!!

  3. Tamara says :

    Looks great you guys! Taking out a wall can make a huge difference on family dynamics, we have found. Just think, in the years to come what you will be able to be in on while you are in the kitchen tidying up! Our kitchen opens up now to the L.R. so I can still be a part of things while I am in the kitchen, and the kids don’t get away with as much! Nice kitchen table. Like the fact that it is round and sturdy looking. Is it antique?

    • ddnoble says :

      When we were orginally talking about the kitchen i was thinking of your kitchen and LR!! I really liked the openness and that there was still room to have working space on the bottom! But joel thought we should have it all open with an island and i am so glad that we did what he wanted b/c it feels huge in there now!! The table is from my grandpa danny and i got it (and the house!) when he passed! It was made in the 2nd world war- i can’t remember by who- it was either women or injured men?? glad you stopped by!!

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