Meal plan Monday

This past week seemed to fly by- i think it just happens!  This week will too- i go to the city on Tuesday to get my eyes checked then the next day Joel goes back to work for another shift.

MONDAY= dinner- homemade mac and cheese

supper- honey glazed pork & rice & steamed beans

TUESDAY= we are gone for the day- yipee McD’s

WEDNESDAY= dinner- egg salad sandwich & veggies

supper- Sandy’s chicken & rice & brocolli salad

THURSDAY= dinner- cheese and crackers & alphaghetties

supper- tater-tot casserole or farmer’s casserole ( close to the same )

FRIDAY= dinner- perogies

supper- spaghetti & steamed beans

SATURDAY= dinner- baked potato soup

supper- pizza & brocolli salad ( mom gave me this huge bag of beans and brocolli from costco this week so we will be getting our fill of greens!! )

SUNDAY= dinner- crock pot beef & buns ( maybe a sandwich! )

supper- 1st pig to the trough!


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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