only 2

Who doesn’t love jumping on the bed??

I could hear them playing down the hall, so i went to sneaky find them because they were having such a blast!  I peaked in my room and they were bouncing like balls!

The othe day we came home from town right at dinner time.  I told the boys that they could play outside while i unpacked the groceries.  I caught Cash as he was going to go to Sandy’s house but i missed grabbing Kai.  He escaped from me.  He phoned over from there to see if he could stay for dinner- i said that he could.  He ended up spending the rest of the day there!

Cash and i spent our afternoon being very busy.  One child takes a different kind attention, we read stories and baked cookies and played toys and lounged on the couch for a while too.  It was quiet.

Some times i imagine only having 2 kids spaced as most families do.  It is weird.  The whole afternoon i gave all my time to Cash and energy, because he had no one else to play with.  I know that if he didn’t know any better he would play with himself just fine but he was a bit lonesome for Kai.  Days like this i am so, so thankful and happy to have our family just the way it is.   I know right now i am a ref breaking up theft and fights.  I know that most of my day is spent -teaching- (is that the right word?), there is no time to ignore what is going on.  I know most of the time our house is out of control and a huge disaster.  – but you know what-  it is so worth it, i would never trade it- the mess and all. (even though i would like to move to a hotel by myself somedays!)

But only 2 seems so, so different and most of the time i can only imagine it to be easy, but very quiet.


ps- they now have had a hair cut!




About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

One response to “only 2”

  1. debb kemp says :

    teaching=training…..we love you…..good work Delee!

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