Meal plan Monday

This week was rather slow.  I cleaned and caught up on the chores all things that would bore your pants off.  It was 30 below for a couple days so we did not move anywhere.  Friday we went to Assinabioa, and took Everett to the Dr. because i thought he had an ear infection.  It turns out his cold that we have not been able to shake for a month is a sinus infection.  oops. Well the medicine was working in just a few doses, it is wonderful!  We worked on a craft and played with it all week- the boys love it.  I will show it to you later!!

Monday= dinner- tuna melts

supper- veggie pizza

Tuesday= dinner- perogies

supper- chili (we never had it last week)

Wednesday= dinner- cheese and crackers

supper- tomato penne

Thursday= dinner- leftovers

supper- italian chicken soup

Friday= dinner- homemade mac and cheese

supper- fish (i haven’t figured out the recipe yet)

Saturday= dinner- cheese and crackers

supper- lemon rice soup

Sunday= dinner- waffles

supper- deer sausage and potatoes



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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

One response to “Meal plan Monday”

  1. trinac says :

    I also love the fact that you have “cheese and crackers” as a lunch. Ours would also have things like “cereal” and “alphagetti” and most definitely “Kraft Dinner.” I did a pulled BBQ beef recipe last week that was amazing. I’ve been cleaning out my freezer to make room for our cow that Angie and I ordered…so we have had 3 roasts in the last week and a half. Had to get creative with this last one. With home made buns, it was so delish. The one I am excited to do this week is mini lasagna’s made in muffin tins with wonton wrappers as the “noodles.” I think the kids will love the little serving size.

    Can you share your lemon rice soup? Sounds intriguing!

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