When building a house…

There are many things that a person should know about building a house ie: for today= how many registers do you put in a room?

We had one nite to decide where to put these stupid things before the plumbers came back the next day to install them.  I thought that it was the plumbers job to put them in the correct, most useful places- no it was us.  I wish there was a very simple book that told me all of the “take for granted” things you should know about building a house- oooo i wish i had more time i could write the book! ha

Well we decided 1 on the west, 1 on the north, and 1 on the east.  Hopefully this is great, and i am nice and warm all winter long!

Joel is so awesome!  He can do anything, there is no way this project could have ever got started if it wasn’t for him!

These are pictures of the whole addition.  This picture is facing east, the house is to the right.  You can just see the bathroom in the lower right corner.  All the wiring is just about done, the plug-ins have to be put together and walls have to be built so that the light switches can be mounted.  For now they are attached to hanging 2x4s.

This picture is facing the house.  The large white square is where the old picture window was, now you can see it on the floor.  The doorway to get into our bedroom will be through that window on the far right side as you see it.  Then the rest will be closed up.  Then to the right of there will be the bathroom.  The footprint for it is 8×11 (ha- i think), so then the shape of the bedroom will be like an L or P or something that looks like that.  You can see all the spray paint on the floor and it is pretty much right on.

Joel today is finishing up some of the duct work that the plumbers left.  We are sad that the real winter has showed up because the shingles are still off the roof (from Christmas) and that makes the addition unable to insulate and that means we are heating all this area for the fun and the joy of spending money.

peace out-




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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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