Church day

When i see this i am blessed and i know it will be a good day!  Soon i will have the most wonderful view of the sunrise in all the land!

This greeted me on Sunday morning!

You would not believe how much work 3 kids are under the age 0f 3 1/2!  Well i think 3 kids in general are going to be work no matter what the age.  And if you have 3 kids then you do believe!  Today was our first church day without Joel- i was a wee bit stressed because even on the good days somedays it is hard for us to get out the door!

Saturday nite i got a few things ready- most of it was in my head what i had to do this morning.  I bathed all the boys and after Joel got home i too showered, which i usually do in the morning.  It was a really good thing to have the shower in the evening- i don’t know why i always do it in the morning.  Anyways it was all business for me when i woke up.  Oh, also it helps when you are up shortly after 7 and not 8.30!  Joel has to leave at 7.30am to get to work and i am getting up too- we used to get up at 8.30 so adding that extra 1 1/2 hours makes for a really long morning!!

The boys are pretty good kids!  I am so proud of them, i feel that they are quite obedient, which makes for everything to run more smoothly.  Sunday morning they were so good to get ready, Kai was helping me find things for Everett (but making a huge mess doing it- i won’t tell!) Cash was not stealing anything from his older brother! (this is always a treat!) We ended up to church a few minutes early even!  Then we went to class learned about baby Moses and they sat for most of that- we are a bit out of practice.  In church they were quiet, and i am happy.  That is all i need them to be.

I am so proud of my boys!


About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

One response to “Church day”

  1. trinac says :

    I can totally sympathize with you…3 kids 3.5 years old and younger, and the single parenting at church. (The worst was when we were in Texas and had to drive 1.5 hr each way to church, leaving the house by 7:30) Mike has always been preaching or teaching, so I have pretty much been on my own most of the time. It’s no small feat! So here’s a big thumbs up to you for a job well done! 🙂

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