Getting caught up

I am starting to get caught up from the holiday season-

There wouldn’t seem like i should need to get caught up but some how the laundry piled up.  I really did lots of staying up late which means i was missing some of my sleep- so i caught up on that too.  We had no food in the house after eatting everyone else’s and so that had to be replenished.

Christmas went away straight away to make room for some of our new toys and just to give the living room a good cleaning.

Which has inspired to go around the other less used areas and clean under them as well.  Which has made several bags of things that we can donate.  It always feels really good to do deep cleaning.  You know that there are things in your house which you absolutely don’t use- but it is really hard to disperse of them 1. i am too lazy to do it. and 2.  i like to have things even when they are not useful.  So before we move out of this house i want every unnessesary thing out of every little crack were it is crammed into. I donot want to move something that is not useful.

So i started on something that was easy the boys toys, i threw out the broken ones and donated the ones that they didn’t play with.  Although they were replaced with more from Christmas it felt good.  My next chore will be my closet, i am really not looking forward to it because there are many clothes in there that are simply there to make my closet feel full.  Having a full closet makes me feel good like i have lots of things.  I have clothing in there that i have had for 7 plus years- i don’t wear them, i just use them as filler.

I am now feeling caught up enough that i feel like i should catch up here as well!

Thanks for sticking around-

Thanks Dalton for taking all the pictures!!-

peace out-



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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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