Ug- i had this whole post made yesterday and i lost it somehow.  Anyways.

This was my basement about a week before Christmas!  It looked crazy down there, mounds of dirt everywhere and pipes running this way and that way.  We had to plan out both of our bathrooms for the plumbing- that was a bit stressful.  Joel did so much digging!!

Here is some more plumbing, and the vacum is our sump-pump pit!  Joel didn’t want to pay for one, or wait, when we went there Home Depot was sold out.  So he made this one out of a vacum that was headed for the garbage!!  I wish i could have gotten a better picture to really show you the extent of the diiging that had to be done.

Joel hates digging so, so much.  He says it is the worst job of the whole thing, but he got it done wonderfully!!  This below is my basement bathroom.  The pipe by the wall is going to be the sink, the closer the shower and the 4″ pipe the toilet!

Above you can see that the 4″ goes past the toilet and up, that is for my upstairs bathroom!!  The size of the bathroom will be 8’x6’1/2′.  This will be plenty large enough for this bathroom.

This is it covered with cement!  Yipee!!  You can see the out line of it and the shower basin- oops we put that on there to check the space out and then the cement didn’t dry as quick.  Joel took it off a couple days later and discovered this.  Oh well it will dry now.

The cement truck came and this was the only picture i got that day.  There was alot of business going on down in the basement and i didn’t want to get in the way.  We hired out our cement to a local contractor and i am glad that we did.  The floor is nice and level- just as it should be.

It took 15 yards to fill our basement, normally there should be 3″1/2″- but we had between 5 and 6″ all over the floor!  When the gravel truck came to bring our gravel he could only bring 22 yards and we needed 25 yards.  Since then we never got any more so the cement had to fill what we should have had in gravel.  It was alittle bit of an expensive fix- oops.

Here is the plumbing for the kitchen ( on the left) and here is the plumbing for my someday wet bar (on the right)!!!!

Lastly here are the stairs the Joel, Ron, Sandy and Kai built just a couple days ago!

Now i am still behind- the porch is all done now and waiting for sheetrock!!  So i have to show those to you next, because the FURNACE COMES TOMORROW!!  I am a bit excited.  Today Joel is working on something- haha- maybe getting the addition wired and insulated.  He is feeling a bit of a crunch because on Friday he goes back to work.  And i am sad.  But i will leave that for Friday.



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  1. trinac says :

    Looks fantastic…and exciting!

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