We’ve been busy!

This post is going to be about my house but first i want to give tell you in a whirlwind about our christmas holidays!!  They were so much fun!!

We started off with the Harptree Christmas Potluck on the 17th- i enjoy that to see everyone and visit with those i have not in a while.  Then Doug and Melissa came to Ron and Sandy’s house for a couple of days.  In those 2 days they were here, we put poor Doug to work pouring cement in our basement.  That was on Dec 21.  On Dec 22 we went up to Chris and Camielle’s house for the Noble Christmas!!  It was a blast and Cam cooked an awesome turkey!!  The kids had their presents open in like 10 minutes and there was so so many!!  The boys were spoiled!

On Dec 24th we went to mom and dad’s house for the day- mom had turkey for dinner then we opened presents after that.  The boys once again were spoiled as Joel and I were too!!  On Dec 25th we went to Assiniboia for church and then carried on to Moose Jaw because we got to go to the SPA for the nite!!  It was so awesome- we had so much of our family there it was a big party.  The water was great too!  Then the next day we went shopping and hung out a bit more!  And went home exhausted!!

The next day was Tuesday and we rested!  Wed we went to Assiniboia to get all of our lumber to do all of the framing in the new stuff!  On Thursday the 29th we went to Dallas and Ray’s house for a party!!  Dallas made a yummy supper and got to show me her new house, it is so nice and big!  They have a list of things to do to it for updating a bit but nothing major i do not think!  It is so much fun for her!!

Friday and Saturday Joel got the basement stairs built and the walk in closet built in the porch.  Ron and Sandy and Kai were up there helping build the stairs.  Then Saturday nite we started out at the church for supper and a baby dedication and hustled our way over the the Coroluick’s house for some more party!!  Happy New Year!!

Yesterday we were at mom’s house for dinner after church, then the boys and i went into town to visit the Wiebs and co.   It was nice to see them over the holiday season too!  I have not seen Trina and Mike and the kids in a long time!!  We got home just in time to help with the last bit of things for our turkey supper!!  Yum!  It is probably the last one of the season.

Now today Joel and Ron have been wiring the porch for the lights and plugins.  Joel hopes he can get it all done today so that he can get the vapor barrier up and the porch is done! Except floors and sheet rock- but they will come when we do all the other in the house!  Exciting!!

Well hope you enjoyed this journal! ha Sorry not so much house stuff!  Tomorrow i will show all the pictures of our progress!!

Happy New Year!

peace out-



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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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