A little bit of history

I think it is time for a little history lesson!

I don’t have very much, only a couple of old pictures and 1 short blurb about the house.  It was written by my Aunt Doris, who was grandma Viv’s older sister.  Here is what i have learned.

Great grandpa Everett had the house hired out to be built by a carpenter named Mr. Anderson- he worked for 0.90$ an hour and had hired men who worked for 0.70$/hour.  Mr. Vint a stonemason was hired to build the stone basement with a cement floor.  The house had a 65 barrel cistern for soft water.

The house was finished in the fall of 1921.  It had a pipeless furnace.  The floors were bare and varnished, except the kitchen which had linoleum.  There was no plumbing or electricty.  Between the living and dining the house had sliding panel doors.

In 1924 Aunt Doris was born in the house, and in 1931 grandma Vivy was born there too.  In 1938 the Montjoys moved to town (Froude) because of the drought and Aunt Barb was born in town that same year.

In 1949 the house was sold to the Jacksons, they moved it to their farm north west of Froude- made a new basement, added the back porch and glassed in the front veranda.  They also put in the bathroom, which made them remove one of the sliding panel doors for the plumbing to go in.

In 1975 it was sold again to the Van Staverns and i am not sure how long anyone lived in it after that.

In 1995 grandpa Danny bought the house and moved it to their yard.  I can remember the footings being made just a little bit, i have only a small memory of this.  I can remember sleeping in the house in the summer with Maralee and Lucas having sleep over parties.  Grandpa used it for showing off all of his antiques that he loved collecting.

In 2007 Grandpa passed away and we were all able to put our names on things that we would like.  Joel and i put our name on the house and grandma said yes.  Now here we are in 2011 and grandma gave us the house and shipped it!!  We are so excited about having it-  i was thinking last nite that Kai, Cash and Everett will be the 5th generation from Great grandpa Everett!!!  (is that right??  or 4??)  With the few pictures that we have we are going to try and change the house back to the old pictures- like a couple of the windows are different shapes so we would like to put those back as close as possible.  The misterous slidding door!  We found one in the other side of the wall and so we hope to rig something up that would make there be space for sliding doors again.  The floors we are going to clean up and leave orginal too along with the mouldings.  Which also i think will save us some money.  I am so excited for this old house to take shape over the next many months- if you have any questions or some information about the house i would love to hear from you!!

My email if you would rather than leaving a comment-  jdkcnoble@gmail.com



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6 responses to “A little bit of history”

  1. missy says :

    Delee, I think it is so so SO awesome that you are doing this! Thankyou for sharing it as it unfolds.

  2. debb kemp says :

    did you contact the lady Aunt Barb gave you?

  3. Barb says :

    Barb says : December 25, 2011 at 2:03 pm

    Thanks, Delee for sharing the house progress with us. I reaaly enjoy it. Although I never lived in the house , it is part of my history. Last week, we mailed you a copy of Grandma Cora’s, ” Mostly True”. It doesn’t have much actual history of the house but it does share memoires of a happy family who lived with in the walls.

    Love Aunt Barb and Uncle Dwaine

  4. missy says :

    hey delee – I’ve been meaning to share my friend Justine’s pinterest boards with you – she has an amazing eye for design and dreams of a someday farmhouse.

    thought you might get some good ideas from her boards as you plan your house.

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