We are so blessed with this nice mild weather!!  The boys have been able to play outside in their sandbox even!  This year we got all of our winter clothes for the boys online and they fit great i was happy that i did not have to worry about sending things back.  I really liked how easy it was and stress free.


The other day we were at mom’s house and from the living room we could here Kai telling Cash not to do something because “mama” doesn’t like that.  It was so cute because Cash nattered something back to Kai and Kai had to tell him that it was not good!!  I think Cash actually listened to Kai which is even more crazy!!  It means my babies are getting big and growing up and not even going to need me any more. (sigh)

I love these two right now, they are at such a wonderfully fun stage and every single day they make me laugh and melt with love for them.  It is so precious and my time with them is so precious too that i am trying hard to enjoy everything!  So far this morning it is working i will see when they wake up!!  hehe…




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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

One response to “winter”

  1. debb kemp says :

    I want those last two photos….please!!! Oh my heart is full of happiness at this moment looking at these photos!!! I love them even when they are awake!!!!! tee hee hee!!! Thanks Delee for sharing your everydayness with us!

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