Basement and plumbing and such

We are off again to the city to pick some things up for the basement rough-in plumbing.  The stuff that goes below the cement floor- for everyone who is learning as i am.  This house is alot of work.  Too bad i am just figuring that out!  hehe…

This is the west side of the house and the someday stairs as you can see with the ladder.  To the left of the picture is going to be our family room ( the window and across).  Up above is our new porch nice and snug and warm.

Well Joel has got the basement insulated and this week  Joel and I- yes me!!  started to trench the gravel out to put in the plumbing!  I was so stinking sore the next day, i had to take a pill!!  This was a really big job and a fair bit stressful for me anyway because this was the first thing i had to plan out in our house.  The main floor bath and the basement bath had to be planned out for the plumbing!!  eeeek… That is how i felt- when you buy a house normally you see a bath and say hmm  that looks good but i would change the sink.  Well for me i have to look at it and say hmm that looks like nothing i think i will put everything in the perfect places.   And i think i will put the walls here and here.  I am very nervous about having everything perfect.  The kitchen is a whole different story and i will get professional help planning that out.

This is the addition, the doorway on the left side will be a bedroom and the doorway on the right will be the bathroom.  You can see our panel box.  And directly behind the panel will be the furnace closet.  Not a room but just a closet, the other furnace room pieces will be in another spot just because that is what we had to do.  On the other side of the furnace there will be another bedroom.  I need a better lens so that i can start to give you a home tour, and i still am going to give you some history but i have not got the pieces of information out of the closet yet!!

peace out-



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