This past week…or more

This was Ev’s first time in the jolly jumper!  I think that he really liked it.  Kai and Cash liked it too!

Kai had his eye apt- last week and it went really well.  When we told him we were going to the eye doctor he started crying, Joel and i could not figure it out.  So i asked him and he said that his eye was sore!!  I think he was maybe glad to go!!haha…  He pasted everything just fine- everything that the dr told him to do he did!  Kai has Dwains Syndrom and it is in the 1st trimester where this happens.  His nerves are not quite right, they fight against each other for his periferal vision.  So when he looks out he can only look straight ahead.  No big deal i guess, there is nothing that anyone can do to fix it but they want to monitor it for 10 years.  Kai could go cross eyed- but they can fix that with glasses.  So we go every now and then to get it checked out.  Now we don’t have to go back for a full year so i am really happy about that.  All his measurements were great so they are not worried, i have never been worried.

I could not get these 2 pictures to flip around!

The boys haved bathed together always- i have just started bathing them seperatly b/c i think it is fun for them.  sometimes.

We got to spend 2 nites in a hotel and do a bit of shopping and 1 nite at Doug and Mel’s House (Joel’s sis).  We don’t get there very often, so i am always happy when we do!  Melissa had a beautiful REAL Christmas tree set up.  I had one last year and i did not like it very much for decorating, it was a pine.  Melissa had a spruce i think and it looked awesome!  The boys love staying in a hotel (me too) but Kai knew that at a hotel we get to have pizza in our room!  I could not believe that he remembered that!  We had a super holiday!

The semi got stuck in mom and dad’s yard with a full load!

I was really ready to come home though- I have been sick, sick, sick!  So sick.  Fri, Sat, and Sun were the worst.  I did not get off the couch for anything if i could help it. I had a fever, runny nose, stuffy nose, sore muscles, headache and i think that is it!!  Poor wonderful, my favorite husband ever looked after everything!  My house is scary and stinky.  Today is Sat and it is the first day i have felt like doing anything and i have the energy.  I  am happy to be back!




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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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