The fun stuff begins!!

Well after a much deserved month off from the house Joel is back to it!!  On January 1st Joel is going back to work at the mine! Boo- I am sad.  So there is much to do to get back into the swing of things!!  The time off has been really nice and not really restful because we have been busy with every single stinking other thing that there could possibly be.

It has been really nice weather this past week and Joel has insulated the porch fully and the top half of the basement walls have been done too.  The bottom half has been left open because the cement and most of the wiring has to go in yet.  I am really excited!!  I really hope to get the floor done this month- ruff plumbing and cement.  Then i think wiring and furnace.  Then, then, paint and fabulous fixtures and a new kitchen and so many wonderful happy shiny things!!  I am so sorry to everyone who lives by us because this is the only thing i think about.  Nite and day i am sunk deep into dreaming and planning (Joel does the doing!!) and i will admit some pretend dream living!!  If you want to make my eyes sparkle just ask me about our house!!  I should be able to tell you every wonderful thing i have planned in about 45min or so!!  haha… so true. sigh.

We had our insurance lady come out to take pictures of the house today and so she came in so we could do some signing.  We met her at the door with Everett and she fussed about him a bit then she found out we had Cash too.  Then she found out we had Kai too.  I don’t really think she could figure out how we fit in our house!!  She kept saying how great it was going to be once we moved into our big house and looking around our living space in pure bewilderment i know, i know please stop telling me!!!  Even though we are over half a year from moving in i am craving it so badly and when something happens in this house i am dreaming about how wonderful it will be when we move in!!

Well i hope to be having lots of fun stuff to show off to you in the next month!! And the next 8 months!!  The count down is so so on!!  I also want to do a bit more history searching to share the life of the house and where it came from!  I have some but there must be a bit more somewhere-

ps- does anyone know where i can by a wooden door with an oval beveled glass window in it??

peace out-



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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

One response to “The fun stuff begins!!”

  1. debb kemp says :

    aunt barb sent me some interesting stuff……remind me to tell you about it.

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