Almost 6 weeks ago ( the end of the week) i decided that i was a little bit -frumpy- .  As a result i lounged in pjs all day, and so did the boys.  I did not cook anything for supper or clean or, or, or… So i decided to try 1 small routine- as soon as i wake up and get out of bed i get fully dressed, brush teeth, wash my face and put makeup on.  Sometimes i even put on a bit of jewlery- just to spice things up.

I really felt that i needed to do something for my self- without buying anything.  This was all i could come up with because it started at the very begining of the day.  Exercise was out of the question even though i wanted to do that first, i knew it was not the right start and it most likely would not last.

You would never believe what a difference that makes in everything for the day.  For 1 thing i am not cold when i have clothes on so then i can get off the couch and do things.  I am alert and awake ready for the day, to have that start is so wonderful.  I needed to do that so terribly bad (my family needed me to do it too).

I thought that it took 3 weeks to make a routine a habit and i was telling mom and Dallas this the other day, Dallas said it took 1 month and mom said that it took 6 weeks.  So i have waited the longest habit guess to start my next one.  I have been trying and thinking alot on what should be the next logical routine to start.  There are many things i want to do so i am going to choose 2 things to work  as new routines.  This morning i set my alarm clock for 7am and creaped out of bed at 7.15am- this is a routine that i want terribly bad, for 3 reasons-

1- i want the house to be warm when everyone wakes up and that means i need to have the fire started and going for 30 minutes or so for the heat to start circulating.

2- i want to be up and dressed before anyone else is awake

3- i want to have the kitchen ready and breakfast organized for the boys

Now the 2nd routine i can not decide- should i start a timeline routine and slowly work my way to bedtime OR should i just pick something i want to work on at a random time of the day.

I have a couple ideas running through my head but nothing decided.

– bible reading and prayer is very important but often neglected

– cleaning chores are life but not so life and death- they need to be done

– mantaining the house is a big on for me- ie: clearing off  the meal before 5 minutes before the next, sweeping, tiding piles

– making a routine for the boys- ie: brushing teeth before bedtime, also getting dressed when waking up(having clothes laid out might be a good idea!) etc…

– exercise- need i say any more.

These are all things i will do in time but for now i need to pick another to make into a routine.  I will mull these around until the end of my 6 weeks and then decided and let you know.  For now i am setting my alarm for 7am again tomorrow!!

peace out



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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

6 responses to “Routine”

  1. debb kemp says :

    adda girl……way to inspire us!!!!

  2. trinac says :

    Sounds just like the thoughts that have been rolling around in my head the past while too. I’ve just started using an app on my iPhone that is super helpful. It has a list of daily tasks, divided into morning, afternoon and evening (for example: prepare breakfast, clear breakfast dishes, sweep floor…) I get little gold stars when I check them off. But it really helps me keep on track. And then, once a day, I have to spend 15 minutes in the “Zone” (which changes everyday). I made my zones things like kitchen, bathroom, TV room, etc. and then you do all those little extra things like scrubbing the toilet, dusting the baseboards or cleaning the mirrors. It’s made my life so much more manageable. And every day it resets itself and I get to start all over again. I even have a little star for when I do my Bible reading…I also have places for exercise, but haven’t gotten any stars there yet! :o)

    • ddnoble says :

      This is another good reason for getting an iphone!! hehe- i want to just what you are doing -but on paper. i need little stars for getting things done, i love to check the box when i finish a task. i think it makes me feel sucessful. i really like the 15 minute “zone” and i think we can do anything for 15 minutes! That is a super idea- i am going to make a list today!! maybe start another ahhaha!! i am so inspired!! thanks!

      • trinac says :

        I did try it the paper way for a while too…wrote up my list and stuck it inside a page protector. Then I used a dry erase marker to check off the boxes. It saved me a lot of time having to write out the same list every day. On the back side of the page I had the zone type tasks or the big things I only do every couple of months (or once a year!) It’s so nice to know I’m not the only one out there who is trying to figure out how to run a household successfully. Sometimes I feel like a failure! Thanks for sharing and letting me know I’m not alone.

      • ddnoble says :

        You are a smarty pants!! Yipee! I write the almost the same stinking thing out everyday!! haha- thanks for sharing i think i will find some page protectors tomorrow!! I love trying different things, because i always want to know if there is a different way, or a more productive way! My house is always a disaster, not that i want it that way (of course) but there are so many things i want to do and so little time. Cleaning gets put on the bottom of the list every single time. But i really feel that i need to be looking after this house that we have now, even though it is not my favorite at all, because i really feel that God has totally given us our new house. We prayed for that house to come for a long time. So i feel that i need to look after this one better before i get in to the next! We are on our way to a new routine!! Thanks for sending me notes I love it!!

      • ddnoble says :

        ps- I do have a pretty manageable fetish for pens and paper- so i really do like the paper lists!! I LOVE PENS!!! SO SO SO SO MUCH!

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