Chicken broth

Chicken broth is something i use alot of.  When i first started cooking i was buying chicken broth.  I really did not like storing it in my pantry- because i would rather store other etable things.  Later i switched to the oxo powder stuff- and that is where i have stayed.  The oxo is very small, cheap and easy to use.  I think it is salty though.  I have no problem with the oxo at all and i most likely go back to it.  But for now i am going to try making it.  This picture is frozen broth.

This yeilds 7 pints-

5 chicken backs

8 pints of water

20 peppercorns

2 bay leaves

1/2 T rosemary

1/2 T oregano

1tsp celery seeds

1 garlic

2 carrots in big hunks

1 large onion in med hunks

2 celery in big hunks

I really have no idea how to do this so i will maybe keep changing it up a bit.  I really did not know what spices to throw in there at all.  Every thing went in to the crockpot over nite and a couple more hours, and it smelt good.  Then i put everything in jars and froze them- we will see if i like storing it this way.




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2 responses to “Chicken broth”

  1. debb kemp says :

    who knew a photo of chicken broth would look so lovely…….just so you know I won’t make it but I really do love the photos……even the burnt lemon is a lovely photo!!!! Way to go daughter!

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