A few more favorites

Hello and good morning!  Well i guess it is time to get back into routine, time to look after my house, time to be getting dressed now that we have been resting and holidaying for a week!

Cleaning Lemon-  I got this idea from Homemaking Pilgram.  It was my favorite thing until i tried it!!  It is to cook a lemon in the microwave and the lemon is to do all the work.  That is what i understood when i tried it- well i cooked it alright!!  Fried and baked it too.  Then i went back and read the instructions- the lemon is sliced and put in a bowl of water!!!  I will remember for next time. bah!

Norwex Cleaning Paste-  ok this stuff is so so awsesome!  I use it for so many things!  Mostly in the kitchen- it cleans my pots, the grease off the outside and the water spots.  I use it for the sink and clean the hard water off- love it.  One of my favorite things is the stove top, it makes it shiny and smooth and happy!  I use it for the top of the range hood- it gets all the grease off really easy.  I also use it for the wood stove- Cash throws food on it in the winter and it instantly burns on!!!  haha..  It can be used in the bathroom too- heck you can use it everywhere!!

Vinegar spray bottle- I use this for the counter tops and the table top, not all the time.  I just like it for a little extra cleaning.  I use equal parts vinegar and water then i add a few drops of lemon essential oil.  I love this.  Vinegar has i think a bazzillion uses and i love learning new ones all the time- because they are working!!  Google it.

Probiotic-  I talked about this wonderful product when Ev had thrush.  It worked great- it did take a little bit of time though i found.  So you have to practice patience.

This week is going to be good because i am going to Scobey one day to get the mail and i had a Pampered Chef party a couple weeks ago, and the stuff is in.  Yeah!!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

2 responses to “A few more favorites”

  1. Jenna says :

    LOL…sorry about your burnt lemon mess! I guess when I said “All you need is half a lemon” I lied. 🙂

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