We are still in recoup and relax mode here.  It really helps when there is snow outside to be snuggly inside.

Yesterday i finally made play dough for the boys.  They were so excited!!  It was so super easy,  i have been telling myself that i wanted to wait until there was snow outside.  What makes me happy is that they could eat the whole ball if they wanted too!

I played with the flowers that i was able to take home from the wedding.  There was flowers and flowers and flowers- they last for only a small amount of time but oh are they show stoppers.  I wish i would have taken a picture of the bouquets they should have been in a magazine!

I also wanted to show you what else i did yesterday!!  HAHA…  I am turning into a real hillbilly and faster than i thought i would.  Lotsa kids close together, livin’ in a trailer, front tooth broken.  Yes, that is correct my chip fell out.  Eeeek.

When i was around 9 we were curling with the bengough church.  For what ever reason all the children had their own sheet to play on.  Well anyways my face and a curling rock thought they should duke it out.  The rock and the ice won, since then i have had the chipped filled and i believe it has only fallen out one other time.  Right before Joel and i were married i had a root canal done on the tooth because it was starting to wiggle and it was really ugly brown.  So my nice dentist bleached the tooth and stuck in a metal post.

Now i have to wait until Joel goes back to work- stink- i have to use benefits to fix this.  So now i will have to wait, even though it is not really very big, i am very aware of it.

but haha… i think its kinda funny.


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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