The Wedding

Well we are now rested and recouperated.  Last week there was no stopping to think about anything but wedding.  We had fun relaxing getting our nails done on Wednesday.  The cupcakes turned out wonderful and there were leftovers- so that was good.  Friday it was set up, set up, set up, and rehersal.

I was a bridesmaid with Darla and Dalton was Dallas’ man of honor.  Darla and i could’nt believe when he trumped us!!  But it was really nice to have all of us together!!

My super duper best mom in the whole wide world did fabulous work.  It was so fun watching everything she did come together.   Mom built the bouquets and this huge tree with lights and hanging chandliers!!

I was really busy that day so i forgot to get my own picture of Dallas and Ray.  Ohhh she was so beautiful- so so georgous.  Her dress had a long train that flowed so lightly.  The dress had 2 layers one heavy satin and the other was sheer and it had flowers embroidered along the bottom.  It fit her so well she never had to have it altered at all.

I am always so super happy to see Joel and Darla!!  Darla was able to stay a week and Joel 4 days.

She is actually making an important phone call about spoons!

I also forgot to get my own picture- or any picture for that matter of any of our imediate family.  None of the boys or Joel and me, or Mom and Dad who looked so perfect, or Darla and Joel.  Too bad- next time for sure!

Dallas and Mom got their dresses from Lisa Anderson she is a family friend who is so talented at sewing and crafting.  Lisa made the wedding cake it was 3 layers and it was tall and fuzzy.  Lisa did such a good job on the cake it was beautiful!!

I was so happy to see Maralee!!  See looked so so awesome!!  6 days ago she got back from Tailand and was jet laging but still showed up.  She was showing the boys elephants and other crazy things!!  I just love her to pieces even though we do not get to see each other very often.

The day was so wonderful i really don’t think it could have been any better.  Dallas and Ray were so so happy and i think they really enjoyed everything as well.  There was wonderful visiting had by everyone and i was so happy to see many people who i had not seen in a long time.

So happy for you both!


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

9 responses to “The Wedding”

  1. debb kemp says :

    mmmmm…..I’m so happy to read this and relive it!!! Thanks Delee!! We still need to see some bride and groom photos!!!!
    ps the cake was 5 layers!!!!

  2. debb kemp says :

    oh, I just looked at them again……..I love those little boys….Maralee had them on her knee a long time….they were so quiet and interested in what she was showing them……it was so nice to watch.

  3. Camille says :

    I love the boys tuxes…they are so cute! Everyone looks so beautiful…everything looks so beautiful!

  4. Amanda says :

    Fantabulous photos Delee … everything is so breathtakingly gorgeous!
    The more pictures I see the more I miss you guys … keep blogging!!! 🙂

    btw u look stunning – hot!!!!!

    • ddnoble says :

      Thanks!! I was so much fun to be so dressed up. I never ever wear a dress or do my hair fancy. Alysha did everyones hair and she did a wonderful job on all 3 of us. I had a french roll vamped up and it was super cool. So happy you peek in on us!! ❤

  5. Barb says :

    It was a beautiful wedding and lots of fun. So happy we could be part of it. Aunt Barb

    • ddnoble says :

      I was happy to see you both there- and i am sorry i did not even get to say hello! i bet you did not get to see the house either and i am sorry about that too!

  6. Maralee says :

    This is so nice Delee! Grandma called me Saturday night and told me to come check out this out. You guys all looked so beautiful and did such a good job bringing everything together. Love you! Cant wait for Christmas!

    • ddnoble says :

      I was so happy to see you and you looked so so awesome! I’m glad you checked this place out! And i am really glad we are going to see you at christmas!!

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