ok- i am too busy to post anything more than this, this week.

Halloween was yesterday and busy- i did not take one single picture!  yesh.. i know eh.

Today i got my hair colored and i am making cupcakes right now for Dallas’s wedding on Saturday!!  This Saturday in like 4 more days!!  exciting!!

Darla comes tonite from Yellowknife- Dalton is picking her then going for supper and waiting for mom to pick her from him.  I am taking cupcakes to mom tonite after supper and maybe helping Dallas on the side show deal.

Tomorrow we are going to have some sister and mom time at the spa to get our nails done.  Then maybe some more sister time after that.

Thursday we are decorating 250 plus cupcakes for the tea after the wedding.  The tea hall and the church also have to be decorated.  Later that nite we are having family plus supper and Darla’s hubby (Joel) comes too!!  So much fun.

Friday bright and early we got to Bengough Community Center to decorate for the supper.  After that we go for supper and have dress rehersal and do some more decorating!!  Dalton comes after work that nite too.  So happy to have hime home.

Saturday we are getting our hair done at 9.30am and going to the wedding at 1.30pm.  Then the wedding and pictures and supper and clean up the hall and go visit some more and go to bed.

Sunday we have bible class and church and then mom is having maybe like 30 plus people over for the afternoon time and i think there is shooting?

So Monday i will sleep and rest.

Tuesday we need to start looking for wood for the winter we have found a few places so i think we will start there- also Joel needs to start the plumbing in the basement floor so the cement can come so the furnace can come.

i gotta go my timmer is beeping.

peace out-



About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

3 responses to “ok–”

  1. debb kemp says :

    Oh my you are very busy…..oh and about that sleep on Monday…..forget that….I nominate you to take back all the rental stuff to Regina….then on Tuesday when I go back to work you can have some rest!!!!
    Thanks for all of your help, advice and happiness!!!

  2. trinac says :

    Sounds crazy busy…but should be fun too. I have Jesse’s birthday party the same day at the wedding. We will be thinking of everyone (and wishing we could be there too). Have a great weekend!

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