Does anyone know where i can take a course to become a referee??  I need that course!  For the next 17 years you can refer to me as a referee of 3 instead of mom!!  Yesh.   I will carry a whistle around  my neck and have a penalty chair.  The boys fight and wrestle non-stop.  Now my mom will tell me that i can fix that- those boys don’t need to be like that- you can stop that Delee.

But really as much as it is a chore to be referee, i really don’t want to stop too much of the horse-play because they are boys and i think that is what they do.  So me being referee is a fitting title as i look out for cross-checking and holding.  I need to keep things fair and clean so no one gets angry.

Deep down though i love cheering for the under-dog!!

This is a somewhat controlled wrestling match- where i feel calm enough to take a picture!  Usually i am in the middle trying to break it up!





About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

3 responses to “Referee”

  1. debb kemp says :

    Now, let’s get something straight here!!!!! Some things you are very fixable…..the things that cause you problems….you can fix….that doesn’t mean you will ‘stifle’ who they are….aaannnd I’m thinking by the photos that Joel just maybe the underdog!!!!!! xoxo

  2. Amanda says :

    never ever take the ref course, let the wrestling continue. They’re healthy and making the best of memories and they know they have the coolest parents EVER! Time flies too fast and you’ll be craving daily matches in your living room. SO … GO BOYS GO!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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