Joel rented a “Ditch Witch” to trench our power.  (I love that name- hehe.)  Anyways now we almost have power, Joel just has to hook up the panel and things.  He said it would take a day to complete, but first he wants to finish up some other uncompleted jobs.  So hopefully by the end of this week there will be power to my house!!  Exciting!

Our plumber showed up here this week too, as a surprise!   Now we have running water at our house which we didn’t think was really going to come until spring!  These 2 projects have been really big and it is so nice to have them completely done!

The electrical is only done but temporaily, Joel wants to go through the old panel first to organize and label all the old breakers, then he will transfer them to the new panel.  This will be a big job for another day, when it is colder outside and time to start working in the house.

The house has changed so much from the top picture to this picture.  It has only been a week!

I was not going to go and haul out my tripod!  The boys were in the house watching cartoons so i ran out quick to sorta snap this.  I felt bad for Joel (and Ron) they were working so hard to get this done, Joel was so tired.  There was alot of hand trenching (aka digging) to do around the house and around existing wires in the ground.

Most of the dirt they trenched is sand!  We love sand for the sandbox and the beach but i am a little bit unsure of creating a yard now because of all the sand i am seeing.  I think it will take gallons and gallons of water to get everything rooted.  There should be no drainage problems though!!

CR Plumbing was here for 3 days getting this done, during this time they also got the septic tank buried and the pump-out trenched and hooked up too.  This is a huge job done and checked off the list, can’t wait to see the bill!!

PS- Lucy is not dead.


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stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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