Oh hello.  Fancy meeting you here, this is where i live but i have be very busy relaxing (sorta) from posting and journaling.  This last week we had cousins here to visit.  Then later in the week we celebrated another cousins birthday and on the same day we had thanksgiving and later that nite i went to Dallas’ first wedding shower!!  Exciting!  During this time the back porch was finished (except house wrap) and the main addition was started.  Then on the weekend (Sunday) dad had his annual skeet shooting tournament!  It is my favorite!  This year mom said there was the highest turn out yet- i think because the coronach church came out to check things out.  Which i was super excitied about.  Also there was the bengough church, a large amount of people from regina, there was poeple from all over southern sask.  I really don’t know where everyone was from so i just leave it at that.  Mom counted the people up to 76, it was really such an awesome day.  So…I had many plans to show you some pictures along the way but my children kept needing something or other from me most everyday!

Well i am here again after that sorta vacation and i am so glad we ran into each other, i will be here most of the week now if you should like to pop in again later.  We are having a busy week again as the coal miner has already got the 3 walls up for the main addition and the rafters came yesterday and are going to go up today.  Then later i go to the big city to get the windows.  Yeah!

See you again soon!!

peace out,



About ddnoble

stay at home mom with 3 busy boys, and a suber fab hubby!

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